What are the numbers on snapchat stories?

You may seeking about what are the numbers on snapchat stories, why do guys post numbers and meaning of these numbers including 10.5 11 and 12 – mainly it’s a number game on snapchat story. After putting fruits by girls on profile to participate in relationship status game now guys are posting some mass text story with varied numbers to confuse girls.

Boys are posting numbers on stories for fun; they desire to mystify girls who are at present taking part in the relationship status game.  Guys are basically posting their shoe sizes on snapchat story and expecting girls will try to find out its meaning and not succeed.

Guys just joke girls after viewing fruit emoji.  As vengeance now everyone mostly guys are capable to confuse girls by putting their shoe sizes as numbers on snapchat story. So hope now you understand the meaning of number game and why people are posting numbers on their snapchat story.

numbers on snapchat stories